Intern Candidate


 Working closely with business, community, education, and church leaders, the foundation recruits under-mentored young adults to candidate for acceptance into the intern program.  The thrust of the program is directed toward candidates who will likely flourish from close associations with caring leaders who will mentor them in successful life and business practices.

In an effort to determine initial eligibility, a thorough background check is run on each candidate.  The skills and aptitude of each candidate are then carefully assessed through industry-standard testing programs.

Candidates who are eligible, have passed the skills and aptitude tests, and demonstrate a high likelihood for immediate success in a business environment are accepted into the program as interns.  Candidates who need improvement in some area prior to their acceptance into the program are referred to agencies and educational institutions where they receive additional instruction. 

Each intern is required to complete the foundation’s basic preparation program prior to placement.  This preparation, usually conducted in a group setting, includes modules on how to succeed in life, appearance, grammar, and standard business practices. 

Interns are placed with host business partners.  The initial term for an intern is six months, but the internship can be extended for up to one year in three month increments.   Interns are paid no less than minimum wage for no less than twenty (20) hours per week. 

Interns meet weekly with their mentor at the hosting business for coaching and evaluation purposes.  Mandatory group training sessions for interns are also conducted by the foundation on a regular basis.

For more information, please email or call our Program Coordinator at (559) 302-2388.