Intern Host Business

Host business partners are recruited from the ranks of BEN-E-LECT’S extensive database, from personal associates, and from organizations which have been exposed to the success of the program.  Key to inclusion in the program is a business’s willingness to commit a mentor to the on-going development and well-being of the intern.

It is the responsibility of the host business partner to cover the intern’s wages from the first day they arrive at the job site.  However, host business partners who agree to host an intern can apply for a grant from the foundation to help underwrite the intern’s wages during the initial six-month term of the internship.

At times, challenges (ex: relational, dependability, ability, attitude, etc.) arise between host business owners and their interns.  A dedicated effort is made to resolve these challenges by both parties, and representatives from the foundation are readily available for mediation.  It is our strong desire to have each intern successfully complete their six-month commitment.


 For more information, please email or call our Program Coordinator at (559) 302-2388.