On Purpose Project

Program Overview:

At BEN-E-LECT we have many key employees who started at the bottom and worked their way through the ranks quickly. Some of these employees started in the mailroom and through mentoring provided by our management team, these employees grew into key team members. This led us to think that if we can do this by accident, why not try to do it "on purpose"?

The Foundation will recruit, train and provide ongoing support and education for any person who wishes to be a mentor. Each mentor prospect will go through 4 hours, two sessions of training to include the evolution of a mentoring relationship and healthy boundaries. On a monthly basis our mentors will gather for Peer Support where we will brainstorm ideas and discuss new educational topics pertinent to the mentoring relationship.


 Our Partners:

Our variety of partner organizations will ensure us the opportunity to tailor each relationship to the individual mentor and mentee. We will take the opportunity to introduce our local partner organizations such as Good News Jail and Prison Ministry, Visalia Rescue Mission, and Sisterhood of Grace. Our mentors will be able to choose the organization they want to work with based on their own personal interest and comfort level. Our partner organization staff will come alongside our Foundation staff to offer an unparalleled level of support through every step of the mentoring process. We hope that our new and innovative approach will aid us in transforming and renewing lives that are ready for change.