Mentor FAQs

Who will be mentored?

The BEN-E-LECT Foundation has partnered with local organizations who provide assistance to a population who is in great need of mentoring. Some of these organizations include the Visalia Rescue Mission and Good News Jail and Prison Ministry, among others. Once the mentor has completed the initial training, we walk through the opportunities which are available and allow the mentor to select what he/she feels is the best fit. Going forward the mentor/mentee relationship will be supported and guided by the Partner Organization and BEN-E-LECT Foundation staff to ensure success


Are you mentor material?

More than anything, a good mentor candidate is someone who can lend an ear to listen free of judgement. It is someone who can graciously lead others in the right direction and who is willing to make a basic and instinctual human connection with another person.


How does one have time to mentor?

If you can spare an hour a week for a cup of coffee or a quick meal, then you have enough time. This short amount of time will make a difference in the life of the mentee that will last a lifetime.


What if you don't make a difference in  the mentee's life?

A mentor will make a difference just by being there and listening. This is one of the few times in life when you can
make a huge impact and all you have to do is show up.